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The 4th generation of Ocean’s Legacy SPJ jig series is here!

Newest to the Oceans Legacy lure arsenal. Roven Slow style is our 4th generation of SPJ jig series.

The new slow style is designed as a genuine SPJ jig with a centre-weighted body that creates enticing slow falling actions. Easy to work for anyone – a simple soft lift & follow the slack line, it will land you the species of your dreams.

Professionally designed, classy twin Japanese foils design for maximum flash. Rigged with Ocean’s Legacy Nude twin assist to ensure the best hook up rates & presentation.

  • A unique Japanese twin foils designed for maximum flash
  • One of a kind designed glow pattern and an ultra-high UV shimmer
  • Wide centred profile allows for classic slow pitch actions
  • Slow side to side rocking descending motion that enables horizontal fall actions for increased bite rate
  • Rigged with Ocean’s Legacy Stinger Nude Twin Assist for the best hook up rates and presentation

Available in the following 5 colours and 7 sizes

  • Colour: Sunshine Pink, Green Gold, Burnt Orange, Blue Pink Silver and Aqua Rainbow
  • Size: 40G, 60G, 90G, 120G, 160G, 200G and 260G

















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40g, 60g, 90g, 120g, 160g, 200g, 260g


1: Sunshine Pink, 2: Green Gold, 3: Burnt Orange, 4: Blue Pink Silver, 5: Aqua Rainbow