SLINGSHOT Surface Iron Lure

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  • Ocean’s Legacy SlingShot surface irons are designed with a stainless steel hook wire-thru molded in zinc alloy.
  • Zinc alloy allows for longer shimmering flutter action on the fall compared to other materials.
  • All SlingShot surface irons have been chrome anodised with UV resin paints along with Japanese foils to provide extra shine.
  • The SlingShot surface irons carry 3 glow ridges on the belly to entice fish and increase hit rates.
  • Ocean Legacy SlingShot surface irons can be used for landbased or boat casting and retrieving through the surface for kahawai, trevally, kingfish and many other species.

SIZE: 9g, 17g, 26g, 40g, 70g, 90g
COLOUR: Green, Silver, Blue, Red, Black, Mint Glow


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17g, 26g, 40g, 70g, 90g


1: Fusilier, 2: Chrome Bullet, 3: Sardine, 4: Red Barron, 5: Dark Knight, 6: Mint Glow